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How to Stay Motivated with Your Fitness and Health Goals

How to Stay Motivated with Your Fitness and Health Goals

January 08, 2024

The hardest part about coming up with a fitness goal is following through with it. Here’s a few ways to make sure you don’t give up so easily on your ambitions.

Take progress pictures

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like we aren’t getting anywhere if we can’t see progress. Be proud of everyday that you work toward your goal by taking daily or weekly photos of yourself. Once you visualize and are satisfied with the progress you have made, it will only motivate you more.

Keep a log

Track everything you are eating and your exercise routine. That way you can be proud of what you have already done or potentially see where you are going wrong. This is a simple way to organize your current lifestyle and stay on the right track.

Branch out

Not all healthy food tastes good to everyone, so don’t eat what you don’t like. Maybe give something new a try that you never gave a chance. There’s nothing more exciting than discovering something new you love, especially when it’s actually good for you.

Enjoy yourself

People tend to make themselves miserable when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat small meals and never allow yourself to get so hungry that u take it in all at once. Eat smaller meals more often. Your body needs fuel, make sure you feed it.

Reward yourself every now and then

Again, people tend to make themselves miserable when trying to achieve health goals. If you are dieting, allow yourself to indulge in something you really love at least once a week. Make sure you have a rest day if you are sticking to a heavy fitness lifestyle. Take care of yourself and enjoy living healthy without over exerting.

Don’t let stress break you

One of the main reasons people give up on their goal is something came up or have something else going on. Don’t let one bad situation dictate something you have worked hard for. If you mess up along the way, don’t let that be a reason to give up, let it be the reason you press forward and work harder. Stress and distractions are more of a reason to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle.

Know your why

What’s your main reason you made these goals in the first place? Always keep those thoughts at the front of your mind in order to drive yourself. Maybe even write it down every morning when you wake up. As long as you remind yourself daily.

Try and catch yourself the next time you’re justifying your excuses. Take a moment to flip the script and think of what drives you. A positive mindset will go a long way in accomplishing your goals.


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